11 Health Benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil is extracted from Roman and German chamomile. The Roman chamomile oil has a watery viscosity, and a sweet- apple-like scent whereas German chamomile has a more straw-like scent and is thicker in consistency. Both these oils are varying shades of blue.

Much like the flower both these varieties have a calming effect and can be used to treat hypertension and anxiety. Throughout history Egyptians, Europeans and Hungarians have been major cultivators of this flower.

In ancient Egyptian beliefs, chamomile was dedicated to the sun and moon for its healing and calming properties. It was used in treating fevers, anxiety and nerve disorders. The essential oil extracted from the German chamomile contains a crystal named azulene, which has proven anti-inflammatory effects.

The essential oils are extracted from the chamomile plants through steam distillation. The German chamomile flower yields from 0.2 to 0.4 % essential oil whereas the Roman flower can provide 1.7 % of its fresh flowers.

Chamomile essential oil is rich in biochemicals such as a-pinene, camphene, b-pinene, butyl angelate, bisabolene oxide A and B. Chamomile essential oils should be used in moderation and completely avoided during pregnancy as they may have emmenagogue properties. However, no allergies or side effects have been observed as yet.

Chamomile essential oils have extreme therapeutic properties and are known to be anti-inflammatory and antidepressant. This oil has a calming effect on both the mind and the body and in some cases can be used for children during teething and other problems. Chamomile is a very popular flowering plant, scientifically known as Anthemis nobilis (German) and Matricaria Chamomile (Roman). Both these oils are different in compositions but quite similar in their medicinal aspects.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Chamomile Essential Oil

Chamomile Essential Oil

1. Allergy Treatment

The market if full of over-the-counter anti-allergic medications that have multiple side effects that can cause long-term damage to the liver. Chamomile essential oil is one nature anti-allergen due to its strong antimicrobial and antioxidant properties that target allergy-causing elements and protects the body from allergic reactions. Chamomile has been used to treat hay fever throughout history as it helps relieve congestion and swelling. It also reduces the symptoms of seasonal allergies.

2. Heart Health

Chamomile essential oil, especially the Roman variety has a high amount of flavonoids that are associated with a healthy heart. They reduce the chances of mortality from cardiovascular diseases and helps reduce the tension in the blood vessels. The calming properties of chamomile manifest in essential oils to calm the nervous system which enables the adequate flow of blood to and from the heart.

3. Prevents Arthritis

Arthritis is a condition which is the result of inflammation in joints and muscle tissues. It is an excruciating condition which lies in the category of chronic illnesses. Dealing with the pain that arthritis causes are difficult. However, the concentrated anti-inflammatory abilities of the chamomile essential oils help penetrate the layers of skin deeply and calm the inflammation in joints. Chamomile can be added to a bath, or applied to the lower back, knees and other such areas for pain relief.

4. Child Health

Due to its calming properties, it has been a part of treating children with ADD/ADHD for centuries. Not only this but chamomile essential oil can be very effective in soothing teething pain, chest congestion and also eliminate earaches in children. It can be given to children to calm stomach aches.  Research indicates that children suffering from diarrhea heal faster when treated with chamomile oil without any side effects. This shows that chamomile oil is a safe colic remedy.

5. Cancer Prevention

Chamomile essential oil are an excellent source of antioxidants which are very effective in the prevention of cancer. Chamomile oil has been observed in many studies to target the growth of skin, breast, and prostate and ovarian cancer cells. The studies conducted deduced that chamomile affects the growth of cancer cells only and does not harm the healthy cells significantly. Chamomile exposure caused cancer –cell death in the studied subjects. A botanical mixture is being created including chamomile extracts which will target growth of cancerous cells in the body.

6. Healthy Digestion

The gut is the most susceptible to harmful infections and viruses due to being exposed to food. The anodyne compounds in chamomile oil have antispasmodic properties that help heal conditions such as diarrhea, leaky gut, and acid reflux. It relaxes the muscles in the gastrointestinal cavity to prevent constipation and gas issues.

7. Treating PMS

Chamomile essential oil have antispasmodic and relaxing properties which are useful in calming the symptoms associated with PMS. Chamomile tea has been used in treating spasms and pains during PMS and chamomile oil can be applied topically to relax the nerves and muscles to relieve the cramps.

8. Healthy Skin

The anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties of chamomile essential oil make it a must ingredient in skin care. It promotes internal and external health by fighting off bacteria and purifying the blood. It is a natural remedy for skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis, and acne. These conditions are mainly the result of inflammation, and chamomile oil has very potent anti-inflammatory properties that provide instant relief.

9. Insomnia Treatment

Chamomile oil has calming and relaxing effects on the nervous system and can help fall asleep. Lack of sleep has very profound effects on our body’s regular functions and can adversely affect the nervous system. Using natural remedies and sleeping aids can be very effective in helping fall asleep. Inhaling chamomile oils through steam or a diffuser can also calm anxiety and help with sleep. It exhibits benzothiophene properties, which have similar effects such as hypnosis but milder.

10. Fights Anxiety and Depression

It has properties similar to sedatives and has been used to calm patient suffering from anxiety and depression. The calming effects of chamomile essential oil help deal with hyperactivity, the fragrance of chamomile oils acts as an emotional trigger and generate a sense of calm. Aromatherapy for anxiety and depression always include chamomile oil. It is extremely effective in calming people in chaotic situations and helps clear the mind.

11. Eliminates Toxins

Chamomile essential oil has sudorific properties that promote perspiration. Perspiration helps cool down the body and remove harmful chemicals and toxins from the body. This also promotes blood circulation and oxygenation.

Bottom Line

Chamomile essential oil can be added to carrier oils to use for the treatment of teething and other colic issues in children. Adding 2 or 3 drops to the diffuser can help sleep at night and has an overall calming effect. Chamomile oils are one of the most versatile oils out there.

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